My name is Lis Dymond. I have been drawing pictures since I was just a child and loved art in school. It wasn't until I was 40 years old that I took this seriously and went back to school. I received an Associate's degree in Art from Clackamas Community College. I continued taking classes in calligraphy and photography, but I went back to working a "real job" as the hospital manager of a veterinary hospital in Portland. After 8 years, a downsizing decision changed my life.

I started Dymond Graphics in 1999. Because of my love for animals, I began making pet sympathy cards for veterinarians in the area. The dog and cat rules were also a big seller. This enabled me to have that connection with the animal world and still do what I also loved - art. Then photography entered into the mix and took center stage. I photographed gardens, children, pets and the beach.

When I started making garden signs out of recycled materials in 2002, the business took off. This is what I was meant to do all along! I love every step of the process: The hunt for old rusty items to put on the old boards that came from an old fence or barn. I hunt at thrift stores, recycle centers and garage sales searching for items that need a new life on a sign. After cutting and painting the boards, I add items, then I hand-letter the message. The quotes are funny, philosophical or informative and can be outside in our Oregon weather or on the wall in the family room.

I spend a lot of the summer season at Farmers' Markets and art shows in the area selling signs, greeting cards, and other recycled garden art. Please look at my schedule to find where we are next.

Thank you for your interest in Dymond Graphics!

Lis Dymond