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Dymond Graphics creates signs, greeting cards and other art for your garden and interior decor. Started in 1999 by Lis Dymond, all of our art is handmade in West Linn, Oregon. Many are created using recycled products.

We feature signs in three basic styles. To see a sampling of just some of the signs we have created, visit our online sign gallery. All signs feature a quote, and we have an online database of quotes here on our web site that you can choose from. You can view our top 100 quotes, browse through quotes within various categories, and even search for quotes containing keywords of your choosing. You can see all of this on our quotes page.

Some of our greeting cards showcase the photography of Lis Dymond, while others are photos of her paintings done on old windows.  We have nature and flowers, animals, vintage photos and our popular dog and cat rules.  All have the photograph and a quote or poem on the front.  The inside is blank and  they all come with an envelope in a plastic sleeve.

While this site is targeted to retail sales, we also sell our signs and cards wholesale. If you are a business that would be interested in carrying our items, please contact us for more information.

If you'd like to see our signs and cards in person, you can often find us local farmers markets, garden shows and art festivals in the spring and summer months. To see where will be, just check our schedule page.

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